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Gol Gohar Iron Ore complex
The mineral region of Gol Gohar is located in 55 km from South West of Sirjan city and has over 900 years history of extraction in itself. It is believed that in the Achaemenian era some extracting operations were done in this zone.
Gol Gohar has a dry and desert climate. There is no flowing water near the mine. The plant covering is also poor in this spot. The annual rainfall changes from 32 mm to 200 mm. The maximum temperature is 42 ° in summer and the minimum is -15 ° in winter. The average height of this region is 1750 m from sea level.

Nearly 900 years ago about 350,000 tons of iron ore were extracted with the open pit & underground methods from the mine No. 1 and from the remains of some kilns located in 25 km from the North West of the mine location, it seems these kilns were used as iron ore melting ones in this region.
The conclusion of different studies proves the geology storage is more than 264 MT of iron ore, which the extraction plans estimates that around 189 MT of the product has the processing potentiality which has the capacity of producing 121 MT of concentrated iron ore appropriate for steel manufacturing factories.
Other studies show the geology storage amount of Anomaly No.2 is about 53 MT of iron ore, considering the extraction plans it owns extractable storage of 42 MT of this product. The thickness of the surface ground in zone No.2 is between 90 - 195m.
In Anomaly No. 3, on the base of existing information, until now the geology storage is estimated to be around 590 MT. The fixed storage would be measured after finishing the complementary extractions.
The thickness of surface ground in this part is between 90-242 m. Also some dipping roles were dig in Anomaly No.4, 5 & 6 which show the total geology storage in these parts would be 166 MT. Regarding the amount of concentrated iron ore consumption in the country, the annual extraction plan of 5MT of iron ore for producing 215 MT of concentrated iron ore and annual extracting of 3.5 MT of discarded products in Anomaly No.3 are estimated.
The client of this project is Gol Gohar Co. and the tonnage of the Mobin contract is about 7.7 MT. Mobin has started its operation since 2006 as earthmoving, transporting, off loading & grading contractor in this mine.
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