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Maiduk Copper Mine
Maiduk copper mine has the distance 42 km to shahr-e-babak city in Kerman province , is located in 132 km of north west of Sar-cheshme copper mine and in mountainous condition with average altitude about 2848 m.
Weather of the area is cold in winter and moderate in summer. Maximim of temperature is 35 ° in summer and minimum is about -15 ° in winter. Maximum of rainfall is about 250 mm annually.
This area is part of the Dokhtar-Orumieh belt that is extended from west to south east of Iran. This mine was used as copper and turquoise mine.

The systematic exploration operation has been done by association of Iranian and foreign companies.
Ore in Maiduk is fungi-form with 350*400 m dimensions that it's upper part of consists of oxide-zone (malachite and azurite mineral) and supergene-zone (mostly culcosite ) Based on exploration done on this project deposit of the mine is estimated to be 170 million tons with average grade 0.83% copper. In last design 144 million tons ore with average grade 0.85% will be mined in 29 years.
Maiduk will mined with open-pit method and wests will carried to dump in around valleys. w/o is 2.4 and overburden is 350 million tons. Annual ore production is 5 million tons. Technical-economical studies done from 1968 to 1994 and primal operation such as road building, power, welfare and services foundations ,concentrating factory ,dam construction and mine started in 2005.
Client of this project is NICICO-Maiduk copper project. Mobin since 1993 is active in this mine as overburden removal contractor. This company has excavated 113 Million tons from 1993 to 2006 in this mine.
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